EvoUprise and EverythingEvony

Are saying BYE BYE!!!

EVOUPRISE.COM and EVERYTHINGEVONY.COM have closed. Including all websites, scripts, software, portals and well everything created by Matty. I quit evony a few months ago and well I have moved on to better things, YOU SHOULD TO! Evony Sucks, it drains your life, wastes your cash, causes insomnia, drug problems, drinking problems, excessive masturbation, irrational thoughts and this is just to name a few.

THANKS FOR SUPPORTING THE SITE WHILE IT WAS AROUND. Cheers Matty AKA TheNoob/Diplomatty/DirtyAussie/Bimbo/Inception/TheManOfTroy/BigDaddy/Puppa/AlphaMale/Dominator/RandomSmel/Phonee/BatMan/Superman just to name a few.